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Free trade agreements in Türkiye

Free trade agreements in Türkiye

The volume of free trade in all parts of the world is increasing day by day through international free trade agreements, to which Turkey is one of the parties, as most countries in the world tend to conclude bilateral or regional trade agreements due to the inability of the World Trade Organization to adequately meet the requirements of free trade, It is clear that the executive regulations issued by the World Trade Organization are inefficient in relation to the current global conditions. In addition, these executive regulations do not contribute any benefits that lead to the harmony of the multilateral trade relations system in the commercial markets. Given the tendency of countries to free trade agreements, nearly The 400 trade agreements notified to the World Trade Organization.

Turkey has been a member of the World Trade Organization since 1995, and in addition to that, it is a member of the Economic Cooperation Organization, the United Nations Trade and Development Union, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, the World Customs Organization, the International Chamber of Commerce and many other organizations, as Turkey has become a party to many Free trade agreements, either through bilateral agreements or through agreements that it has achieved through its important position resulting from its geographical location and its political power at the international level.

Customs union agreement

Turkey and the European Union conduct their commercial activities through the Customs Union Agreement, which entered into force in 1995, and in addition to that, Turkey is a candidate country to become a member of the European Union since 1999, and the aforementioned agreement includes all industrial products but does not include agricultural materials (except for agricultural materials manufacturer), but Turkey conducts its trade with regard to agricultural materials through bilateral agreements, as is the case with strawberry fruit and natural coal.

Trade partnership agreement between the countries of Europe and the Mediterranean basin

Turkey is a member of the Association Agreement between the countries of Europe and the Mediterranean basin, and for this reason the Turkish authorities conduct free trade agreements with their partners from the countries of the Mediterranean basin with the aim of establishing the field of free trade between the countries of Europe and the Mediterranean basin, in addition to that the main purpose of this The trade partnership is the establishment of a free trade area between Europe and the countries of the Mediterranean basin, which aims to remove barriers to trade and investment between the European Union and the countries of the southern Mediterranean.

Turkish-US trade relations

One of the international free trade agreements to which Turkey is a party is the tax agreement concluded between Turkey and America in 1996 with the aim of preventing double taxation and tax evasion through income taxes received by the state.

Countries that have free trade agreements with Türkiye

There are many countries that have concluded or are about to conclude bilateral free trade agreements with Turkey in addition to the Customs Union Agreement and other multilateral trade agreements to which Turkey is a party, and these countries are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Egypt, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Ghana, Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malaysia and Mauritius Montenegro, Moldova, Morocco, Norway, Palestine, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Syria (pending), and Tunisia.

Turkey also continues to conduct trade negotiations with the aim of expanding, developing and deepening the current trade agreements. It is worth noting that the number of countries with which Turkey is conducting trade negotiations is 17, while negotiations are taking place at the time with 9 countries, which are Japan, Ukraine, Peru, Indonesia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Thailand and Pakistan.

In addition, Turkey is preparing to start new trade negotiations with 8 other countries, namely America, Canada, India, Vietnam, Central American countries, African, Caribbean, Pacific, Algeria and South Africa countries. Turkey has also established a new working group with the aim of organizing a bilateral trade agreement with England in the short term and deepening and expanding this. agreement for the long term.

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