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Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Türkiye 2023


First, we must note that this article explains a method Obtaining Turkish citizenship via Buying a property in Türkiye According to the latest amendments to the laws Obtaining Turkish citizenship Through investment for the year 2023.


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Obtaining Turkish citizenship onroad Buying a property in Türkiye؟

In order for the investor to be entitled to benefit from the investment law to get Turkish citizenship He must first Buying a property in Türkiye worth400 thousand US dollarsand above, and a pledge not to sell the property for a period of three years, but one of the most important problems that investors encounter is not choosing the appropriate property that is suitable for conducting a transaction Obtaining Turkish citizenship And also many problems, including the wrong method of transferring funds and not finding evaluation companies that determine the market value recognized by the state, because it is not enough. Buying a property in Türkiye At this value, but the market value of this real estate with the state records must be equivalent to the required amount or more, as well as the validity of the submitted documents and many other problems that the investor may encounter when investment in TürkiyeTherefore, we will save you the trouble of searching, and in this article we will explain all the steps that you must follow step by step to avoid any problems when investment in Türkiye.


Firstly. What are the points that the investor should pay attention to when investment in Türkiye To obtain Turkish citizenship via Buying a property؟

1- The investor must have the nationality of a country that qualifies him Buying a property in Türkiye Even if he holds the nationality of a country that qualifies him to buy real estate, the place of birth of the investor must not be in a country whose citizens cannot own property in Turkey until he presents a document confirming that he was only born in that country and does not hold its nationality.(Turkish law in the current situation does not allow citizens of Syrian, North Korean and Greek Cypriot nationalities to own property in Turkey according to the law of reciprocity between the two countries).

Sometimes some companies sell real estate to the holders of the nationalities that we mentioned through a sale contract under the pretext that he can Obtaining Turkish citizenship By buying a property with a sale contract without the need for a title deed (Tapu). In this case, the investor will have only two options, either to sell the property to another person, or to establish a company in Turkey and register the property on the company and not on his personal name. This step will result in paying the taxes of the company that was Its establishment throughout the period of ownership of the property and until the sale of the property and the closure of the company.


2- It must be confirmed beforehand Buy the property That the property is registered in the name of a Turkish company licensed by the Turkish government or in the name of a Turkish person.

MNote: It must be ensured that the property was not registered in the name of a foreign person before its ownership is transferred to the Turkish person or the Turkish company before selling it to the investor, because the current law stipulates that the last three owners of the property should be Turks of Turkish origin before selling it to the investor (those who exceptionally hold Turkish citizenship They are not considered to be of Turkish descent.


3- Non-delivery of the price of the property by hand.


4- Ensure that the market value of the property is suitable for the required investment amountTo obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership. The evaluation is usually done by real estate appraisal companies licensed by the Turkish government.


5- Verify the title deed (Tapu) before starting the procedures Buying real estate in Türkiye Because sometimes there is a seizure or mortgage on the title deed (Tapu), which prevents the sale process and leads to problems in recovering the amount paid or losing part of the amount.


6- Determine the suitable real estate for good investment andObtaining Turkish citizenship together.


secondly. steps Buying real estate in Türkiye:

- The first step. Choosing the right property forTo obtain Turkish citizenship via Buying a property in Türkiye:

The property is chosen based on several factors, including:

1- The property must not have a mortgage or real estate attachment.

2- The current owner must be of Turkish origin or a company of Turkish origin (the property is not suitable for a transaction Turkish citizenship In the event that one of the previous owners of the property was foreigners or exceptionally obtained Turkish citizenship).

3- In the event that the property is under construction, attention must be paid to the fact that the project has obtained building permits for the final project from the municipality to which it belongs, and it is preferable that the title deed (Tapu) be ready for each apartment separately.

4- After selecting the appropriate property To obtain Turkish citizenship via Buying a property It is preferable to do an appraisal of the property before starting the purchase process to see if the market value of the property is equivalent to the amount of 400 thousand US dollars or not.


- The second step. How to make a payment for the property to match the law Obtaining Turkish citizenship.

According to the recent amendments to the Obtaining Act Turkish citizenship There have been some amendments to the law regarding payment procedures, which will be explained in detail in order to avoid the interested investor's fallout Obtaining Turkish citizenship via Buying a property in Türkiye Any error that prevents him from completing the transaction.


The Turkish government recently made it obligatory for all foreigners based on Buying a property in Türkiye By paying the price of the property in Turkish lira after exchanging the property from foreign currency to Turkish by the approved Turkish banks and taking an approved exchange document for the amount of the property.


Before we move on to the issue of payment methods, we will explain what the approved exchange document is and how to issue it in a manner commensurate with the law Obtaining Turkish citizenship

What is the approved exchange document?

It is a document in which the Turkish government obligated all interested foreigners Buying a property in Türkiye Whether for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship or not.

How to obtain the approved discharge document and how to issue it so that it is in line with the law of obtaining Turkish citizenship؟

The approved exchange document is obtained through all Turkish banks after depositing the amount in foreign currency and converting it into Turkish lira through the Turkish bank,Attention must be paid to the following when issuing the approved release document:

1- The amount spent must be exactly equal to the price of the property to be purchased, without increase or decrease.

2- The investor's name and his Turkish passport number or tax number must be mentioned in the document, and the name must be written identically to the passport.

3- Mentioning the law number in the document, "The amount was disbursed based on Article No. 13 of the Capital Movements Law."

4- The document must be signed and stamped by the bank.

payment methods

There are three ways to pay for the property in accordance with the law Obtaining Turkish citizenship Either payment through the investor's bank account, or payment through the investor's agent's bank account, or through the seller's bank account, and we will separate each method separately:

1- Payment through the investor bank account:

In the event that the investor does not have a bank account in Turkey, he must first open an account in a bank that allows foreigners to open a bank account in Turkey. Assuming that the investor has a bank account in Turkey, he must first deposit the amount in his account in foreign currency and exchange the currency into Turkish lira and take a document The approved exchange and then sending the amount in Turkish lira to the seller’s account, stating the reason for the transfer and taking a signed and stamped bank receipt.

2- Payment through the investor’s agent’s bank account:

In the event that the investor was unable to open a bank account in Turkey or was outside the country and could not come to Turkey, he makes an agency for a person who has a bank account in Turkey and sends him the amount to his account stating the reason for the transfer, or the agent deposits the amount by hand in his account also mentioning The reason for the deposit, and then he exchanges the currency into the Turkish lira and takes the exchange document approved in the name of the investor, and then sends the amount in Turkish lira to the seller’s account in his account with an explanation of the reason for the transfer and taking a signed and stamped bank receipt.

3- Payment through the seller directly:

Payment can also be made directly, either by sending the amount from a bank outside the country to the seller's bank account directly with mentioning the reason for the transfer, or by depositing the amount directly by hand in the seller's bank account with mentioning the reason for the transfer, and then it is only sufficient for the seller to disburse the amount and extract an approved disbursement document in the name of the investor Take a signed and stamped bank receipt.


The third step. Performing the title deed transaction (Tapu) and issuing the title deed (Tapu) for foreigners in Turkey.

The conditions that must be met by a foreign person for the process of extracting a Tapu for foreigners in Turkey:

The foreign person must be of a nationality that qualifies him Own a property in Türkiye.

- That the phrase (nationality: ........) be mentioned in his passport, for example: (nationality: Iraqi). In the event that it is not mentioned, the foreign person must present a document bearing this phrase and be certified by the concerned authorities in order for it to be valid in Turkey.


Documents required to obtain a Tapu for foreigners in Türkiye:

A valid passport.

- Turkish tax number or Turkish residence ID number.

- Translation and certification of the passport by the Turkish Notary Public.

Real estate appraisal report.

The approved payment document.

- Signed and stamped bank receipt.


After the conditions and documents required by the foreign person are met, an appointment is taken at the Land Registry Directorate and the fees are paid, and then the seller and the buyer or their representatives go to the agency to extract the title deed (Tapu) and finalize the transaction.


Third. Carry out a non-sale undertaking transaction for a period of three years to benefit from the law Turkish citizenship and obtain a document of conformity.

After completing the process of extracting the title deed, the investor or his representative by proxy undertakes not to sell the house for a period of three years in the Directorate of Land Registry to benefit from the law Turkish citizenshipAnd the Land Registry Directorate, in turn, sends the application to the General Land Registry Directorate to evaluate the file, and after the evaluation, it issues a document that does not object to his obtaining citizenship (the conformity document), and sends an electronic copy to the Immigration Department, a copy to the General Directorate of Citizenship and Naturalization Affairs, and a copy to the investor’s e-mail.


Fourthly. Steps to submit Turkish citizenship via Buying a property in Türkiye.

After completing the issuance of the title deed (Tapu) and obtaining the conformity document, then the application for the investor’s residence permit is first started, and after the investor’s residence is issued, the citizenship file is then prepared and the Turkish citizenship is applied for.


Documents required to apply on file Turkish citizenship via Buying a property in Türkiye:

Required documents vary To apply for Turkish citizenship From person to person according to his civil status and according to his current nationality and how to organize the documents in order for them to be valid and recognized in Turkey.


What are the documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship If the person is (celibate) unmarried?

1. A birth certificate.

2. A document proving that the person is celibate.

3. A valid passport.

4. Two personal photos, 50*60 in size.


What are the documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship If the person is married?

1. Birth certificates for all family members (for husband, wife and children under the age of 18).

2. Marriage certificate.

3. Valid passports for all family members.

4. Two personal photos with dimensions 50 * 60 for the husband and wife.

In order for all these documents to be valid in Turkey, they must be taken by the official authorities and must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his country, and then he follows one of the methods that we will mention.


The methods that must be followed for the documents to be valid in Türkiye?

First method:

In the event that the person is a citizen of the countries that signed the Hague Convention regarding the abolition of the mandatory attestation of public documents (apostille), he must make the apostille authentication only from his country, and then translate and attest this document by an accredited sworn translator, then by a notary public.

(List of countries participating in the Hague Convention)


The second method:

Certification of all documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country in which he resides, and then translation of these documents into Turkish with an accredited sworn translator, and then attestation of the documents from the embassies or consulates of the Turkish government in his country.

The third method:

Extracting all the required documents from the consulate of the investor’s country in Turkey, then having them translated by a certified sworn translator and certified by the notary and then by the relevant Turkish authorities.

After obtaining the residency and completing the required documents, the person goes to the office designated by the General Directorate of Civil Affairs to submit a file Exceptional Turkish citizenship The form for naturalization is filled out and delivered along with the rest of the papers to the designated office. A file number is taken and the file is followed-up later through the website designated for the Directorate of General Persons.


How long does it take to get Turkish citizenship؟

After submitting a file Turkish citizenship The file is subject to several stages, including document verification stages, security audit stages, and several other stages to complete the transaction, and this period is called B Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship The time period varies from one file to another determined by several factors, but often the time period ranges from 4 months as a minimum to 7 or 8 months as a maximum.

Thus, we have completed all the necessary steps to benefit from the law Obtaining Turkish citizenship on How to buy a property in Türkiye For the year 2023 .


We apologize for the length and hope you like it

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